Support Measures -

Support Measures

To help our partners and customers, we adopted and shared a number of support measures throughout 2020 and 2021 so that everyone could somehow stand their ground.

We chose to anticipate the launch of the Omnibees Reservation Center, allowing our customers to make remote work possible for their reservation teams, e-commerce teams, sales force and the like.


HiQ – Hotel Inteligent Quotient, a data intelligence tool that allowed our customers to closely analyze their hotel and market data, supporting decision-making and guiding more assertive strategies throughout the period.

And the Bee2Pay Travel Solution, which made the entire hotel payment ecosystem simpler and automated, thus facilitating negotiations, customer receipts and payments to suppliers, ensuring transparency, security and agility.

We exempt the charging of the booking fee for all corporate reservations made on the Bee2Bee Corporate channel (TMC and companies) during a long period of 2020 and we make our team available to support the corporate rate charging process, when necessary, due to the overload that the teams of reservations and e-commerce of our customers experienced during the period.

We promote Academy Online with 100% free edition. A way to enhance the knowledge of professionals in the sector with cutting-edge education and training.

We have taken several other individual and collective actions to support our customers with invoice discounts, exemptions on the use of our solutions, performance reports, among others. All measures were aimed at helping hotels to resume, minimizing the impacts of the pandemic and accelerating the recovery of the sector.

Omnibees did not count on support from other spheres during the period, but even so, it did not measure efforts to guarantee our customers and partners all the possibilities to grow and boost their sales and we will continue to do so.

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