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Hotels are establishments specialized in providing accommodation to travelers, always focusing on the greater satisfaction and permanence of their guests.
With that in mind, Omnibees created exclusive solutions for your hotel that will have more direct reservations and, in a simple, direct and secure way, your guest can book the room and make payments online.

Hotel Chains

Hotels can be managed by specialized companies, hotel operators operating in the national or international market. In order to facilitate your business processes, Omnibees created technological solutions to optimize your sales and reservations; ensure efficient payment management, centralizing receipts on a single platform; among others.


Pousadas are smaller enterprises that need to optimize their bookings and sales. Omnibees thought of solutions to facilitate your business. Transform your website into e-commerce and increase your direct sales conversion without losing the style of your inn. With specially designed and conversion-focused templates, deliver unique experiences, save time and more guests.

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