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Booking Engine

Convert visitors into guests, see the testimonials below and click here to learn more about this solution.



Costão do Santinho Resort

1072% increase in direct sales.

“We put into production the new version of the Omnibees booking engine, and data for decision making. The results are really impressive. In October 2020 we had a 1,072% increase in direct bookings compared to the same month last year, in addition to of 694% in revenue and 998% in conversion rate”, says Pires.”

Rafael Pires – Commercial Director
Florianópolis, SC

Hotel Secreto Luxury

“Without the Booking Engine, I lost online sales to other competitors, who offered a more agile purchase journey, and the telephone service was very overloaded, preventing the development of other activities by my team ”

Matheus Padovani – Owner
Campos do Jordão, SP

Samoa Beach Resort

In the first 90 days of operation, the volume of direct sales more than tripled.

“We were able to give Samoa Beach Resort more visibility, increase the capture of qualified leads and considerably improve the sales conversion by the reservations team”

Hamilton Mattos – Agency Representative Hagua
Ipojuca, PE

Mar Brasil Hotel

“We use the Omnibees booking engine which is very good, very practical and very functional. In just a few clicks our guest can make a reservation, which is very important. connected to the Channel Manager and helps our day to day. Connected technologies and a single support.”

Renata Prosérpio – Manager and Owner
Salvador, BA

Channel Manager

Connect your Hotel to the largest online travel portals, see the testimonials below and click here to learn more about this solution.



Hotéis Ponta Verde – Maceió e Praia do Francês

Reduced about 90% the manual process.

“The use of the tools has certainly contributed to the increase in reserves, productivity and profitability, in addition to reducing time and costs. Counting on the Omnibees partnership is the guarantee of commercial and operational gains”

Paula Medeiros – Commercial Manager
Maceió, AL

Century Paulista

“I understood Omnibees only as a management tool, I never imagined that the commercial end would be so significant. Visiting other hotels and customers, I realized that they only bought via Omnibees and they asked me if I was already at Omnibees. The realization that they were buying via Omnibees was immediate.”

 Roberto Gracioso – Marketing and Sales Manager
São Paulo, SP

Hotel Estoril

“Technology has immensely facilitated our management of online sales, which is very important, since customer service must always have a quick and efficient return”

 Edward Mazzei – General Manager
Campos do Jordão, SP

Reservation Center

Increase your direct sales, see the testimonials below and click here to learn more about this solution.



Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

36% increase in direct sales

“With the Omnibees platform, we were able to put into practice what we designed for the campaign. We gained a lot of speed, in addition to having absolute control of the inventory just in time”

Hiram Della Croce – Regional Director
Various Regions, BR

Terra Parque Eco Resort

“With Omnibees’ tools, we were able to update our availability of apartments in various channels and partner agencies, creating offers in real time, updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as providing shopping options directly on our website and thus reach travelers”

Luciano Gracioso – Commercial Manager
Pirapozinho, SP

Century Paulista

“Today, for a midsize hotel to be able to distribute to all channels, it either has a distribution platform like Omnibees, or it needs to have a giant reservation center in terms of manpower and system, which is unfeasible.”

Roberto Gracioso – Marketing and Sales Manager
São Paulo, SP

Bee2Pay – Secure Payment

Automate payments and increase your profitability, see the testimonials below and click here to learn more about this solution.



Pousada La Chimère

Reduced information processing time by the reservations department by 12%. Increased security with encrypted data.
Growth of more than 20% in distribution channels.
Increased guest satisfaction and ease of billing.”

“This facilitated the day to day of our team and our guests, providing us with agility and security”

Gianfranco Ronchi – Director
Búzios, RJ

ESuites Vila do Mar

“After we adopted Bee2Pay, 100% of the cards that were manually swiped at the time of booking had automated payment. Today, we only swipe the card at the counter for extra expenses or fare differences”

Emanuelle Barreto – Marketing and Sales Director
Natal, RN

Summerville Beach Resort

“It guarantees data security and reliability, meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and improves cash flow with early and up-to-date collections”

Ludimilla Roumillac –  Revenue Management Manager 
Ipojuca, PE

CRM and Marketing Automation

Generate more direct sales for your hotel, see the testimonial below and click here to learn more about this solution.


Samoa Beach Resort

“This makes the day-to-day operation a lot easier, organizing all processes and promotional campaigns. Another benefit is the ease of use by the Content, Performance, CRM and Sales teams. And the third benefit is the possibility of carrying out campaigns in multiple channels”.

Hamilton Mattos – Agency Representative Hagua
Ipojuca, PE

+6,400 hotels trust us

In just a few years, Omnibees became the leader in Brazil with more than 6,400 hotels in its portfolio and more than 750 connected sales channels. Being in full expansion in Latin America, with local commercial teams in Mexico and Colombia.

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