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Easier and faster management!

As the integration between Omnibees and the PMS (Hotel Management System) involves 2 channels, Omnibees centralizes all bookings, whether they are from the PMS, the Channel Manager or the Booking Engine. Furthermore, rates, availability and restrictions changed on Omnibees are also automatically updated on your PMS, helping to minimize errors and the time spent working on these tasks.

Omnibees can already work with various PMSs on the market but if the system used by your hotel is not integrated, just ask! Our team will be very happy to integrate it.   

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The right price at the right time!

Revenue Management Systems let you set the best pricing policy for your hotel, taking into account the hotel’s inventory and booking history, the competition, the search variables and the complexity of relations between the various distribution channels.

CRS Omnibees can be integrated with various RMSs (Revenue Management Systems) allowing your hotel to sell the highest number of rooms for the best price possible!

The integration of CRS Omnibees with the PMS and RMS used by your hotel means you have a complete and powerful distribution tool!

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Payment Gateways

Invest in secure payment!

The Omnibees Booking Engine can be integrated with various external payment gateways, offering your guests simplicity and a secure environment for payments.

Using this system, you can bill vouchers and bookings, optimizing profits at the same time as you minimize delays and errors in payment processes.

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Monitor all of your bookings!

The Omnibees Booking Engine is integrated with various monitoring tools like Google Analytics, VE Interactive or Affilired.

Using these systems, you can monitor all of the visits and conversions on your booking engine. Know where your clients are from, find out how they explore your site and access a detailed report that shows you which clients gave up on the booking process and at what point.

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