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The CRS Omnibees is a versatile, online and easy-to-use solution that lets you increase
production at the same time as economizing time and resources!
Rely on a differentiated CRS solution (Central Reservation System), which integrates
various distribution, analysis and marketing tools for your hotel.

  • Cloud system that integrates various tools
  • Management of multimedia contents Hotel
  • Centralized management of bookings and integrated with PMS
  • System with operational reports
  • Management rates, policies and allotment
  • App the management for Iphone and Ipad
  • Centralization and automation of distribution

Channel Manager


The Channel Manager that allows your hotel to make the management of channels online and uncomplicated, in a single extranet.
Distribute information easily and simultaneously to the Booking Engine, OTAs, Tour Operators, GDSs and Travel Agencies. Connect with various self-booking tools and invest in the visibility of metasearch engines like TripAdvisor or Trivago.

  • Integration with hundreds of Tour Operators, including CVC and Trend
  • Distribution via GDS for thousands of Travel Agencies and Companies
  • Distribution automation for various channels
  • Inventory management in real time
  • Real-time production reports
  • Integrated with various PMS and RMS market

Booking Engine

Make a profit!

Allow your guests book via your hotel website with the Booking Engine Omnibees, increasing its direct sales!
Personalize the layout according to the website branding. And there’s a version adapted for smartphones and Facebook too.
Promote packages, policies and incentives, promotional codes, group codes, special requests and extras!

  • Customization according to the layout of your site
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Integration with PMS and centralization of all bookings
  • Simple and intuitive booking process
    Area reserved for guests, travel agencies and companies
  • Includes version for mobile and facebook
  • Promotion extras, promotional codes and code groups

Yield Manager


Simplify the creation and management of rates.
Create several price structures in accordance with your strategy and adjust rates to occupancy automatically. An inventory updated in real time makes your Revenue Management even easier.

  • Rate flexibility: PVP, Net and Corporate rates
  • Automatic update rates according to occupation
  • Intuitive system of price change alerts
  • Creating of promotions and different types of discount
  • Reports and dashbords with real-time information
  • Inventory with calendar layout



Access numerous management and production reports and make well-founded and efficient decisions.
Monitor production and know which channels sell the most. Evaluate the competition and follow market trends.
Manage your hotel intelligently, transforming information into strategy.

  • Dashboard with key performance indicators
  • Production reports of distribution partners
  • Presentation of market trends and the destination
  • Numerous filters to obtain dynamic reports in real time
  • Graphic reports with easy viewing and comprehension
  • The latest technology for data processing

Rate Shopper


Define your competitive set, monitor the evolution of rates and set the best rate possible to optimize your revenue.
Compare your hotel’s position on the market in relation to the competition and set your strategy in advance.

  • Competitive price analysis
  • Forecast of competition availabilities
  • Forecast of market demand
  • Market Trend Information
  • Dashbords and graphics with real-time information
  • Intuitive alerts systems about price changes
  • Search for different types of filters



Take advantage of a customer relations tool specially designed for hotel management.
This communication tool lets you optimize communication with guests and partners, creating powerful strategies and loyalty programs.

  • Integrated with Booking Engine and CRS
  • CRM solution designed for hospitality
  • List Segmentation by several factors
  • Customizable templates for newsletters and satisfaction surveys

Social Media


Monitor market trends and easily promote your hotel on social media and metasearch engines.
Get a booking engine optimized for Facebook and share prices, room types, promotions and other information about your hotel with a single click.

  • Share contents and rates on social media
  • Promotion campaigns and offers
  • Share photos and videos on social media
  • Monitoring the online reputation of the hotel
  • Configuration of automatic messages

Website Responsive


Offer your customers a unique experience that starts on your hotel’s website! Get a responsive website that adapts to various devices with technology geared towards conversion and optimized for the main search engines. Transform the hotel website into your main sales channel!

  • Responsive technology and optimized for SEO
  • Content manager system to quickly and autonomous update
  • Booking Box  on every page to encourage conversion
  • Highlighting campaigns and promotions
  • Layout with high component of images
  • Integration with social media and Google Analytics

I authorize the data to be processed by computer and used to send information about campaigns and new products.