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Hotel Chains

Invest in an integrated and flexible solution!

Hotel Chains, Managment Companies or Franchises: the flexibility of our technology means it can be adapted to various hotel management systems and enables integration with other pre-existing systems.

Decide where you want to position your property on the various markets and know that the scalability of Omnibees will keep pace with the growth of your business!

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Independent Hotels

Invest in a differentiated solution!

The CRS integrates various Distribution, Analysis and Marketing tools that keep pace with the growth of your business.

In a simple and economic way you can optimize your price strategy, distribute through online and offline channels on a single extranet, centralize booking management, increase direct sales and communicate with customers in an intelligent way. Above all, you get a full overview of your business and management support information.

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Boutique Hotels

Invest in an integrated solution!

CRS Omnibees features fully integrated Distribution, Analysis and Marketing tools in a single software solution and with a single access to help you economize time and resources and dedicate more time to what really matters: welcoming your guests and providing a unique hospitality experience!

Our marketing tools, specially designed for the hospitality industry, help promote the uniqueness of your brand and develop efficient strategies for customer retention.

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